Did You Know That All Christians And Muslims Believe In Jesus Christ The Messiah?

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     The First Thing That Fascinated Me About Islam As A Christian Was That All Muslims Believe In Jesus Christ; And That No Muslim Is A Muslim Unless He Does So. This Fact Was One Of My First Steps Towards Becoming A Muslim.

     Islam Is The Only Non-Christian Religion That Makes It An Article Of Faith To Believe In Jesus Christ. Muslims Believe That He Was Christ The Messiah, One Of The Mightiest Messengers Of God, Who Was Born Miraculously Without Male Intervention, To A Chaste Virgin, Who's Name Was Mary. Muslims Also Believe That Jesus Christ Raised The Dead To Life And Healed Those Who Were Blind And Stricken With Leprosy. 

     In Islam, Jesus Christ Was Preaching The Gospel From Infancy, When He Performed His First Miracle Of Speech, Proclaiming He Was A Messenger Of God, And That His Birth Was A Blessed One. This Similar Belief Between Christians And Muslims Is a Main Link In Our Brotherhood.