"Did You Know That 'Allah' Is How You Say 'God', In Arabic?"

There Are Many Misconceptions About The Word "Allah". Many People Do Not Know Who Or What Allah Is. "Allah" Is An Arabic Word, When Translated Into English, Means: "God". For Example, In The Spanish Language, "Dios", When Translated Into English, Means, "God", As Well. It Is A Matter Of Language Difference Rather Than A Difference of Deities. When One Refers To The Word, "Allah", They Are Speaking Of The Same God Of The Christians And Of The Jews; The God Of Jonah, Isaac, Adam, And Eve.

In The Arabic Language, There Is Not A Direct Translation For The Word "Allah". Instead, There Are Descriptions Of This Word, Called, "The Beautiful Names". In All Languages, These Descriptions Are Only Describing The One True Lord Of The Universe, And Can Only Be Attributed To Him And No One Else. Some Of The Beautiful Names Are: "The All-Knowing", "The All-Seeing", "The All-Hearing", "The Cherisher And Sustainer Of The Universe", "Master Of The Day Of Judgment", "The Most Merciful","The Most Fore-Bearing", "The Oft-Forgiving", "The Wise", "The Powerful", "The Best Of Planners", "The Most Gracious", "The Comforter", "The Self-Sufficient". These Are Just A Few Of The Beautiful Names Of God, And No Matter What Language They Are Spoken In, They Are All Describing Him Only.