"Did You Know That Christians Are Supposed To Cover Their Hair Like Muslims, According To The Bible?

      Many People Believe Islam To Be Oppressive To Women, Mainly Because Of A Misunderstanding As To Why Muslims Cover Their Hair, And, Because Of Negative Stereotypes Promoted By The Media. 

     A Doctor Might Prescribe A Diet And Exercise Regime To Someone With High Blood Pressure To Aid Him; But If The Patient Were To Decline This Prescription, He Would Simply Remain In The Same State As He Was Before. In That Same Manner, The Quran Also Prescribes Women To Cover Their Hair, To Guard Their Modesty. Just As Doctor Cannot Force His Patient To Take Medication, The Quran Does Not Force Women To Cover Their Hair; It Is Only A Prescription, Which Can Only Benefit The One Whom It Is Prescribed To. 

     Unfortunately, There Are Some Places In The World Who Have Taken This Prescription Of The Quran, And Have Applied It As A Necessary Custom; Making It A Cultural Tradition Rather Than A Part Of Islam. Any One Who Forces A Woman To Cover Her Hair Is Not Following The Quran Properly. It Is The Woman's Choice To Decide Weather Or Not To Cover Her Hair.

      Furthermore, When A Man Looks At An Attractive Woman, A Chemical Change Undergoes In His Body. There Are Chances Of Him Becoming Distracted By Her Beauty, And Even Becoming Sexually Aroused. The Covering Of Her Hair Might Help To Prevent This From Happening, While His Chances Of Recognizing Her Inner Beauty First, Before Reacting To Her Outer Beauty, Stand Much Higher.

      Let Us Examine A Similitude: If There Are A Set Of Beautiful Identical Twin Ladies, One Wearing A Mini Skirt, With Flowing Hair, And A Bare Mid-Drift; And The Other Twin, Wearing Pants, A T-Shirt, With Her Hair Covered Up; Who Would You Assume A Man To Approach First? Or, To Make A "Cat-Call" To? Chances Are, It Would Be The Girl With The Flowing Hair. Many People Wrongfully Mistake The Way A Person Dresses As An Invitation; And Most Of The Time, This Is Not The Case. Therefore, Women Are Prescribed To Cover Their Hair, To Guard A Man's Modesty, Along With Her Own. However, An Even Stricter Prescription Is Prescribed To Christian Women, According To The Bible:

       In The Book Of Corinthians, Verse 11:5-7 Says, "And Every Woman Who Prays Or Prophesies With Her Head Uncovered Dishonors Her Head, For It Is Just As If Her Head Were Shaved. If A Woman Does Not Cover Her Hair, Let Her Hair Be Cut Off." Many Christians Believe Islam To Be A Very Strict Religion; I, Myself, Once Thought This Before I Began To Learn More. I Was Very Surprised To Learn As A Christian, That The Bible Held A Much Stricter Punishment If A Woman Were To Have Her Head Uncovered, Where As In True Islam, There Is None. In Fact, This Is Why Many Christians Today Do Cover Their Hair, Such As The Pope, All Nuns, Cardinals, Mother Theresa, Saints, Jews, And Every Image Of Mother Mary Depicted, Where We Can Observe Her Dressed Identical To A Muslim Woman. 



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