"Did You Know That Jesus Believed In One God, According To The Bible And The Quran?"

     As A Christian, I Was Very Confused As To Who Was Higher, Jesus, Or God? Many Christians Believe That God Is One, And Is Totally Separate From Jesus Christ Himself; While Others Believe In "The Trinity", Or, The Belief That God Is One Of Three, Containing "The Father, The Son, And The Holy Spirit".

     However, The Word "Trinity", Is Strictly A Teaching And Idea Of The Church, And Does Not Exist Anywhere In The Bible. There Are Also Many Christians Who Worship Jesus Christ Himself, Or Have The Belief That Jesus Christ Is God In The Flesh. But, According To The Bible, Jesus Christ Himself Never Claimed Divinity, Or Said That He, Himself, Should Be Worshiped.

     Jesus Christ Believed In Our One True Lord, Just As The First Commandment Of Moses States, "Thou Shalt Not Have No Other Gods Before Me." This Commandment Alone Instructs Believers Plainly And  Clearly To Worship God Alone, And To Associate No Other Partners With Him Or Before Him.

     In Mark 12:29, Jesus Christ States His Belief Of God Being One, Where He Himself Says, "The Most Important One," Answered Jesus, "Is This: 'Hear, O Israel: The Lord Our God, The Lord Is One." This Verse States Not Only His Belief in The Oneness Of God, But Also His Belief In God Having No Partners To His Authority.

     Many People Believe That Because Jesus Christ Was Born Without Male Intervention, That He, Himself, Is God. However, The Quran (The Recital) Has An Answer To This Theory. The Quran States In Summary Thatt, If Jesus Christ, Being Born Without Any Male Intervention, Makes Him God, Then Adam Would Qualify As An Even Greater God, For He Was Created Without Any Male Inervention, Or Female Intervention, And Was Shaped Solely By God Himself. "The similitude of Jesus before Allah is as that of Adam; He created him from dust, then said to him: "Be". And he was." (Quran 3:59)

      According To The Bible, Jesus Christ Acknowledges That All Power Of His Miracles Stemmed From "The Hands Of God", Who Blessed Him With An Authority, And, The Ability To Create These Miracles. In Acts 2:22, The Bible Reads, "Jesus Of Nazareth Was A Man Certified By  God To You, By Miracles, Wonders, And Signs, And You Are A Witness To It." This Verse Explains How Jesus Christ Himself Was A Man, Whom God Did Bestow Special Gifts Upon, Granting Him The Power To Bring Life To The Dead.

     Jesus States In The Bible, "That God Is Higher Than He", In John 14:28, Jesus Christ Himself Says, "The Father Is Greater Than I", "My Father Is Greater Than All", (John 10:29). These Quotes Of Jesus Explain His Belief In God Being The Highest, Who's Power Prevails Over All Of Creation.

 In The Bible, Jesus Christ Submitted His Complete Will Unto God, And "Fell On His Face And Prayed Unto God" In Matthew 26:39; As Did Many Other Prophets, Such As Elijah And His Son, And, Many More. Anyone Who Seeks Not Their Own Will, But The Will Of God, Is Called A Muslim; For The Word Muslim Simply Means: "Anyone Who Submits Their Will Unto God."

     In John 5:30, Jesus Christ Himself Says, "I Can Do Nothing On My Own. I Judge As God Tells Me. Therefore, My Judgment Is Just, Because I Carry Out The Will Of The One Who Sent Me, Not My Own Will." Anyone Who Submits Their Will Unto God Is Called A Muslim; So If You Are A Christian, And You Submit Your Will Unto God As Jesus Christ Did, You Are Also Classified As A Muslim.



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