Video: "Did You Know That The Human Fetus Was First Described In The Quran, Centuries Before The Microscope And Ultrasound Were Invented?

       The Quran Reveals A Mind-Blowing Description Of Human Conception And The Development Of The Human Fetus Inside The Womb. According To Today's Modern Science And Technology, We Have Safely Identified This Description As The Process Of Embryology. 

        "Man We Did Create From A Quintessence (Of Clay); Then We placed Him As (A Drop Of) Sperm In A Place Of Rest, Firmly Fixed; Then We Made The Sperm Into A Clot Of Congealed Blood; Then Of That Clot We Made A (Fetus) Lump; Then We Made Out Of That Lump Bones And Clothed The Bones With Flesh; Then We Developed Out Of It Another Creature. So Blessed Be Allah, The Best To Create! (Quran 23:12-14)

          Furthermore, The Arabic Word Used To Describe the Fetus Is Called An, "Allaqah". When Broken Down By Definition, This Word Gives Incredible Insight To The Wisdom Of The Quran. "Allaqah" Means, "A Blood Clot", To Be "Suspended", Or A "Leech". Upon The Invention Of The First  Ultrasound And Microscope Machines, Scientists Such As Keith L. Moore Were Astonished To See The Striking Resemblance Of The Fetus To A "Blood Clot", Along With The Similar Physical Appearance Of The Embryo To That Of A "Leech", At Just 25 Days Inside The Womb. Later Scientific Discoveries Depicted That The Connecting Stalk Of  The Fetus Causes Him To Be "Suspended" Inside The Womb. These Descriptions Were Impossible To Be Described By A Human In The 7th Century, And Can Not Be Seen By The Naked Human Eye. The Accuracy In The Definitions Of The Word, "Allaqah", Describing The Fetus' Resemblance To A Blood Clot In It's Earliest Stages, Its Suspension Inside The Womb, And Its Taking Form To That Similar Of A Leech, Are Impossible To Have Been Mere Predictions, Let Alone, Without An Ultra Sound Machine And Microscope. Scientist Keith L. Moore, A Christian, Concluded, "No One Could Have Possibly Described This Process Of Embryology In The 7th Century Except For God Himself; Thus Proving The Quran To Be The True Word Of God." 


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