"Did You Know That The Big Bang Theory Is Described In The Quran?"

     In The Field Of Astronomy, If You Ask A Scientist, "How Did The Universe Come Into Existence?" He Will Tell You Of The Big Bang Theory, And How The Whole Universe Was One Primary Nebula. Next There Was A Second Dissipation, Which Gave Life To Galaxies, Which Further Split, To Form Things Such As Our Solar System, Giving Rise To The Planets, The Sun, And The Present Earth Today, In  Which We Live In. In The Quran, This Phenomenon Is Described In A Nutshell, Dating Over 1400 Years Back: "Do Not The Unbelievers See That The Heavens And The Earth Were Joined Together (As One Unit Of Creation) Before We Clove Them Asunder? We Made From Water Every Living Thing." (Quran 21:30)." 

     This Verse Is Describing Nothing Other Than The Big Bang Theory, Which Today We Have Come To Know As The Accurate Scientific Depiction Of The Creation Of The Universe, Something The Quran Agrees With And Has Described In The 7th Century.


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