Did You Know That The Water Cycle Is Described In The Quran?

     In The Field Of Hydrology, The Water Cycle Was First Described In 1580, By Sir Bernard Pallisy. He Explained How Water Evaporates From The Ocean, Which Forms Into Clouds, Which Move And Rise, Condensing The Rain Water, Which Falls And Flows Back Into The Ocean, Completing The Water Cycle. This Cycle Is Described An Incredible Amount Of Times Throughout The Quran, Which Was Revealed Centuries Before The 1500's.

      Chapter 39:21 Of The Quran Reads, "Seest Thou Not That God Sends Down Rain From The Sky,  And Leads It Through Springs In The Earth? Then He Causes, Therewith, Produce Of Various Colors. Then It Withers; Thou Wilt See It Grow Yellow; Then He Makes It Dry Up And Crumble Away. Truly, In This, Is A Message Of Remembrance To Men Of Understanding." The Quran Explains Stages Of The Water Cycle In Great Detail, In Over 13 Major Verses, Along With Many Minor Verses. Here Are More Verses That Further Describe The Water Cycle:


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