"What Is The 'Holy Quran' , And What Does The Word, 'Quran' Mean?"

    The Holy Quran Is The Unchanged Word Of God, In Which Muslims Read For A Guidance To Life, Seeking Peace, Wisdom, Solutions For All Of Humanity, And To Gain The Mercy And Forgiveness Of Almighty God. Any Book That Claims To Be The True Word Of God Must Not Contain Any Mistakes Or Contradictions, And The Holy Quran Is The Only Religious Book In The World That Is Infallible To This Test, Passing The Test Of Science Of Today's Standards Of Modern Science And Technology; A Test Where All Other Religious Books Fail.

     In The Quran, God Not Only Teaches Us Beautiful Wisdom By Way Of Parables, Stories, And Similitudes, But He Also Teaches Us Science, Such As Embryology, Geology, Zoology, Biology, Astronomy, Genealogy, Anatomy, Hydrology, And Much More. In Fact, Eighty Percent Of The Quran's Contents Have Been Proven To Be 100% Correct By Today's Standards Of Science And Technology; The Remaining 20% Is Unambiguous, Meaning It Is Neither Right, Nor Wrong. I Personally Believe That The Quran Is Far Ahead Of Science, And As Times Goes By, We Learn That More And More Of Its Contents Are Being Proven Scientifically Correct.

     The Quran Is Unlike Any Book On Earth, Because It Has No Beginning, Or End, Just As God. The Human Psyche Tends To Write Things In Order, And Amazingly, The Quran Is Not Written In This Way. The Word "Quran", Means, "The Revealing", Or, "The Recital", Due To Its Holy Deliverance, Direct From God Himself, Sent Down By The Angel Gabriel, Who Then Revealed Its Contents To A Man, Chosen By God For Prophet-Hood, Named, Mohammad. Christians Believe In All The Same Prophets As Muslims, Except For One, And That Is, Mohammad.

      Many Christians Are Unaware That Jesus Christ Himself Actually Prophesies The Coming Of Mohammad, And The Revelation That Was To Be Sent Down To Him, In The Bible. In John 16:12-14, Jesus Christ Himself Says,

  "I Have Many Things To Say Unto You, But For Ye Cannot Bear Them Now. For He In The Spirit Of Truth Shall Come, And He Should Guide You Unto All Truth, And He Shall Not Speak Of Himself, All Of The Earth Shall He Speak, And Shall Glorify Me."

     In This Verse, Jesus Christ Foretells The Coming Of None Other Than Prophet Mohammad, And The Holy Revelation Which Was To Be Sent Down To Him By Angel Gabriel. Mohammad Is The Last Prophet To Come After Jesus Christ, But Some Christians Argue That Jesus Is Speaking Of The Coming Of The Holy Spirit. But If We Read The Bible, We Know That The Holy Spirit Was Already Sent Down Before, To Jesus, And Even Being In The Womb Of Rebeca, As She Carried Life.

     There Is Also Another Bible Verse Which Gives An Incredible Description Of How Mohammad Received The Quran, In Isaiah 29:12; "And The Book Is Delivered To Him Who Is Not Learned, Saying, Read This, I Pray Thee, And He Sayeth: I Am Not Learned." Mohammad Was An Unlearned Man Who Could Not Read Or Write At The Time This Revelation Was Given To Him, And This Bible Verse Depicts A Great Portion Of What Happened As Angel Gabriel Was Delivering The Quran Unto Mohammad. In A Cave Where Mohammad Would Often Withdraw To To Be Nearer To His Lord, Angel Gabriel Came Down In The Cave To Him And Cried, "Iqra!", Which Means To, "Read!" Or, "Recite!", And Mohammad Replied To Him That, "I Am Unlearned.", Telling Gabriel That He Could Not Read. And Again, Angel Gabriel Cried In Command, "Read! Recite!" And By God's Grace, Mohammad Began To Reveal, Read, And Recite The Holy Revelation From Angel Gabriel, Which God Sent From The Mother Book, Herself. God Caused This Recital To Be Imprinted On The Heart And Memory Of Mohammad, In Order To Spread Its Message To All Of The Earth, As Jesus Prophesized.

     Over A Span Of 23 Years, Mohammad Continued To Have This Revelation Known As The Quran, To Be Revealed To Him In Stages, Until Its Completion, Around 750 AD. Since Then, The Quran Has Remained To Be The Unchanged Word Of God, And Kept Pure For Over 1400 Years. All Holy Qurans Throughout The World Continue To Carry An Identical Message And A Unified Word, As Their Messages Remain One. Today Islam Is The Fastest Growing Religion In The West, And In The World, As The Quran's Holy Message Continues To Spread Throughout Mankind, Completing The Revelations And Holy Sacraments Of The Lord .